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In this interview, there is Plan B magazine something different questions than a musician. Here is the "Keri Lonhard - Miss Anthrope - Tribal Fusion Dance" project demand. Keri Lonhard are on the following questions of Plan B magazine for information about this project.

Interview with Keri:

Plan B magazine: Keri, how did it happen that you have this tribal fusion dance project started and how long have you been doing this?
*Keri: I guess the 'project' would be me, and projects I work on, which is always a work in progress! I guess it's impossible for me to talk about how I came to be, where I fit in, in belly dance of today without also including whatever history I know (as best I've learned & with my own experiences and memories). I was always interested in Belly Dance...especially so as a teenager, but it wasn't until 1998 I would take my first Belly Dance class, and start my study and life long obsession of belly dance...even to this day I take classes and Workshops as often as possible. I think there is no art form can you ever learn enough in! I first started studying the dance with a group in the San Francisco area called "Fat Chance Belly Dance" headed by the director Carolina Nerriccio. There, I learned a style of belly dance called A.T.S. (American Tribal Style). After about a year and a half of studying there, in that style, I started looking for other belly dance classes, eventually finding classes with Jill Parker, the director of "Ultra Gypsy" out of the Oakland/San Francisco area. I had never seen a belly dancer move with such grace and style!! I had taken a few classes with Jill before being asked to dance with the group at an event called Rakkassah, the biggest annual belly dance event - at that time, in our area. I was thrilled and honored and excited and very very nervous! It was the start of my performing career, ready or not. I would come to dance with the group for the next year or so. It was changing times for belly dance back in those days which I can clearly see now, at that time, around 2000, what Jill was teaching I think we simply referred to it as "Tribal Belly Dance", if I remember correctly. It was fresh and new and exciting!! Jill was an original member of the Fat Chance Belly Dance troupe, and she split away eventually to start her own troupe Ultra Gypsy. She had a strong background in the A.T.S. Style, so for instance, some of my first performances with the U.G., we were still wearing Turbans, Cholis and Pantaloons, and large A.T.S. Style skirts and the whole works! Eventually after conversations and much debate, we decided, or were allowed, by Jill, to take off the Turbans and start experimenting with the costumes, choreography ideas and music! What an exciting time it was, and so was the birthing of what would become today, "Tribal-Fusion". My run with the wonderful, innovative and renowned "Ultra Gypsy" gave me such an experience foundation for performance. Also passing through Ultra Gypsy would be some of the biggest names out there today in the world of Tribal-Fusion. Just a few of the people's names the folks reading may get an idea; Jill Parker of course, Sharon Kihara, Meliza Wells, Rose Harden, Shawna Rye, Erin Harper, Tanja Odzak-Goppold, I was lucky enough to dance with these girls in U.G. And most of them in projects and troupes after U.G. There were others that were in that troupe before my arrival there, such as Frederique (Lady Fred), and others who came to the troupe after I had left, such as the infamous Rachel Brice. There were MANY MANY talented dancers coming through U.G., please forgive me if I have left some names out, I'm trying to focus this on my experience with the group plus a little background information. It's QUITE A LONG belly dance history we all have and not enough time in a short interview to cover all of it.

After Ultra Gypsy, I went on to create my own troupe called "LAPSUS". I found it to be a creative outlet for doing things I wanted to do...a little.....ummm, uncommon, a little darker, or experimental and closer to my heart than what I perceived as being done in belly dance at that time. It was clear the door had been left open for change and evolution of Belly Dance, and that, was an opportunity that I and my dance companions took to push boundaries and explore what could be done with belly dance. We would experiment with some very unusual music, fire, theatrics, themes and fusion of movements.

I was the founder of LAPSUS, but ran it as a collective troupe. Everyone would have a say in the troupe, the costumes, music, make-up, music, shows and incoming troupe members. We would be an active troupe on and off since around 2000 (origional incarnation would be, myself, Meliza Wells, Jo Dankosky Braden, Sharon Kihara, Shawna Rye, Deb Campbell and Carrie Arrota). After a long pause, LAPSUS had a reemergence in 2007, with it's newest incarnation being myself, Meliza Wells, Erin Harper and Andrea Costantino, later joining the troupe would be Tanja Odzak-Goppold, Nizhoni Ellenwood and Raven Ebner. We have even had the lovely Ariellah as a guest artist!

After U.G. And alongside LAPSUS and my many other dance and performance projects, I've found even more, amazing dance teachers, such as Ariellah, Zoe Jakes, Rachel Brice, Amy Sigil, and the most impact and influence on my dance technique, Suhaila Salimpour.

A personal thank you for all my teachers along the way! INCLUDING fellow dancers. We all learn from each other, all of us!

Plan B Magazine: What can imagine the reader can refer to "Tribal Fusion Dance"?

Keri: That is not an easy question to answer. I guess maybe the most modern version of belly dance? The key word in the description being "fusion". The fusion, in the title, allows for the dancer to interpret whatever they want into a belly dance form. I think it allows a freedom of dance expression not as widely seen in other styles of Belly Dance. Of course you will find a basic set of belly dance moves as a common language throughout different forms of Tribal-Fusion belly dance. But what it's fused with can be very different. I have seen belly dance fused with Flamenco, Goth, Regge, Traditional Dances, Dub-step, Hip-hop, Fire, you name it, it's probably happening somewhere these days. Best thing to do, if the reader wants to find out more about what to expect from Tribal-Fusion Belly Dance, is to spend some time watching some videos on youtube. Look up the names of the teachers and dancers I've listed in the interview and also just explore the videos that come up, plus, probably my new favorite dancer Illan Rivere. A 19 year old young man from France, brilliant dancer! I was lucky enough to take a workshop with him as well....I HIGHLY SUGGEST all I'v listed, to go take classes and workshops from, to those interested in learning this form of Belly Dance.

Plan B Magazine: On the Internet there are photos in the gallery where you Feuerspuckst how something works and what you had to go through it while you learn it?

Keri: In learning to work with fire, I think the things I had to go through would be what people expect them to be. I first learned how to work with fire in 1998, from a long time fire performer. He drilled safety and knowledge of fire into our heads, including the kinds of clothes one should wear while working with fire, how to wear our hair, what to be aware of while working with such a dangerous thing. First things first, you learn "Fire-safety". Please don't ever start playing with fire without first learning from someone with enough experience to know what they are doing, and how to do it safely! You learn what to do if something goes wrong, you have people watching the people that are playing with the fire. These people are ready to put out fire in case something goes wrong. You learn very quickly a respect for fire. If you don't respect it, it will get you. You should learn how to make your own fire equipment, how fire works, how long it burns, about the fuel you use, how to put it out, how to hold and work with your different fire apparatuses, and after all the safety and technical learning, then you learn how to make it beautiful, graceful, and how to incorporate it into your dance. Something like fire-breathing, you first practice with water until you learn how to control the liquid. I won't explain the how to, we don't want people trying at home without an experienced person or few with them.

Plan B Magazine: You're doing performances and workshops, please tell us more:

Keri: In the U.S. I was performing often. I left the U.S. In March of 2010. Up until that time, was doing a lot of shows. With LAPSUS, some Suspensions troupes such as C.o.R.E., side troupes such as L'Anonyme Collective, even my own drag troupe called MAN-A-SAURUS-REX! And had only after so many years of dancing just really begun exploring dancing as a solo belly dance artist. For classes: I gave weekly classes 2 times a week. One time a week in S.F. And one time a week in Oakland. After coming to Germany, I didn't know the language, the people, the opportunities available here. It took some adjusting, finding some work, and some exploring and taking risks, but as of a few months ago I have started get my self out in the belly dance world here, and begun building something. I've also been going to classes here in Basel to Beatrice Holm on Tuesday evenings, and Lörrach on Thursday evenings to Claudia Bachmann. I'v also taken workshops in Germany and other countries, wherever my most admired teachers are teaching I will go to them when possible! In early March I had a performance at a Workshop show night at San Lo' in Rome. And another in Basel Switzerland in middle March. I've taken on a private student here and have taught 2 Workshops. March 18th was: "Tribal-Fusion Technique and Refinement". June 17th was actually 2 workshops in one day: "Unique You, Timing and Musical Interpretation" and "Tribal-Fusion Presence, Postures and Combos" both Hosted by my friend, student, and soon to be dance companion, Christelle Gasser , at the Tanzstudio Semiramis in Basel Switzerland, where she is also a Belly Dance teacher. Starting August 13th, I will be teaching 8-9:30 Monday evening Tribal-Fusion Belly Dance class at studio Semiramis in Basel. The class is open to all skill levels.

I also have a workshop coming up, Friday October 5th in Offenburg at the Tribal Festival there! This one will be "Layering Techniques, Drills and Conditioning for Tribal-Fusion Belly Dance". This is my stuff. I work the students really hard in conditioning and training muscles and techniques needed for this dance. I present some really challenging stuff, but it's somehow fun, and it's so worth it! My next will performance will be at Tribal Festival Offenburg, myself and my dance companions! Festival/Workshop information here:

Plan B Magazine: What is the future of "Keri Lonhard - Miss Anthrope - Tribal Fusion Dance" project is expected?

Keri: I plan to keep expanding my own dance education, and the dance education of others. I want to take a lot of dance, including Hip Hop, Flamenco, Indian, Modern Jazz, Ballet, and a variety of Belly Dance classes/workshops. I hope to expand my student base with my Monday night class in Basel, upcoming workshops, & performances. I'm hoping this modern style of belly dance really catches on out here, I think people will love it!

I will be working with friends of mine, & respected teachers in some dance projects.:

Christelle Gasser ( )

and Claudia Bachmann ( )

Plan B Magazine: On your website is that you come from California, what drives you in the South German province?

Keri: Short answer? Love. That and I always wanted to live in Germany. My Husband is German. Norman Lonhard (of Pigeon Toe and Triptykon) He's from Lörrach. In 2010 I was traveling Scandinavia and the E.U. (selling merchandise for a friends' band). His band Triptykon, was playing Roadburn Festival in Tilburg Holland, we met there and....well, my plans to go live in Berlin changed just a little bit! Hahah. Everybody always thinks I'm crazy for leaving San Francisco to come live in Southern Germany...but I find this area extremely beautiful! Everyone thinks it must be boring here compared to there and I think it's far from it! It's definitely different, but you have things here and can live here unlike you can in S.F. We're close to France and Switzerland. Italy is not far. A few hours ride in any direction and I'm in a completely different country, different culture and language and landscape! Here everything is old and beautiful. Statues everywhere, stone lined streets and pathways, rivers, Churches, the Black Forrest! Our next door neighbor is a Horse Riding School and Stalls!! So maybe there's not a ton of clubs or night life or something to do, but it's not the kind of thing that is important to me. I think living and learning life in a culture that's not mine is a great opportunity. It's important for people to do this kind of stuff, learn languages and cultures and places outside of their own, outside of their comfort zones, so to speak, and create a larger perception of life and this world we live in.

Plan B Magazine: On your website looks very mystical of all, but I do think a lot of fun with the thing you have, please tell yet curious or funny story?


Yes a lot of the pictures on my website are older pictures of my group LAPSUS. It was very experimental, mystical, dark. The performances were really heavy (and hot!! fire....get it?), and a lot of our photos reflected that heaviness. But, with that said, we always had a ton of fun in rehearsals. Running around, smacking each other, making jokes and being goofy. We even had 'red wine rehearsals'! (exactly what it sounds like) I have a really strange sense of I might find some humor in things that, you may have to be there for to understand. Like, how do I tell you how funny it was to be practicing "throwing up" for a performance with canned creamed corn?? Or how to make the "blood pack" for the next performance?? A couple interesting ways to see our humor come out, we would build some fun stuff into the choreography, just so we would not be taking ourselves too seriously and the audience, if paying attention, could have fun with. For instance, regular floor/knee spin was a Patrick Swayze move from the movie "Dirty Dancing". (R.I.P. You were the Swayziest!) We ended one choreography with the Vincent Price "Thriller laugh". Another time we choreographed in a Michael Jackson Thriller Zombie move into our Tribal-Fusion choreography, but acted totally normal about it. No one got it, that was devastating! Hahah. These days I'm more into going into more beautiful, more polished dancing than I was then...But those were some fun times! I think over all, you should learn and learn, continually expand yourself, your limits and abilities, train hard, and always do what you want and have fun! And as far as me personally, I look really wild I suppose, but I love being home, spending time with the Husband and the animals, cooking, red wine and a movie. I love time with friends, and really being close to the people I love. Outside of dance, next things I want to learn? Gardening and Sewing! I don't know if that's funny...

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