This link I will leave you here with is an old LAPSUS interview I did for "Big Top Magazine", that was later named "Culture Flux" (from the amazing kSea Flux's mind) in 2007. I may become this other person onstage, but in real life I am kind of reserved and shy. This was my first interview, and I must make immediate apologies for being so nervous I forgot a couple of names & info, we had a short amount of time to get the interview out on time and I didn't take my time with my answers. It's good refference for over-all what was going on at that time, but it's to be taken with a grain of salt. I am interviewing for another magazine issue That is coming out and runs August/September issue of the German magazine "Plan B". In that interview, I have taken my time, added something about the history of how things came to be, and included all the names and info that should be there, relevant to LAPSUS. This old interview, imperfections and whatnot, makes me miss LAPSUS so hard! All the fire safety, all the support from LAPSUS admirers, Lucci, who was the closest thing we had to a manager. All the wink wink, nudge nudge, venue owners that let us do what we did with ALL THAT FIRE & fake blood, in their clubs, all the girls for all their willingness to try some really crazy shit with me, all our guest artists, including Ariellah, kSea Flux himself, Kelly, Lucci again, Brad for our photo shoot and great live snap shots, Aaron for letting us have all those dangerous and loud rehearsals in his home....just, wow. I am forever greatful for everything that came together to support us in doing what we did!
Forever yours...     -KERI LONHARD




Keri Lonhard
07/06/2012 5:55am

2 new interviews coming out next month. Will post them here as they come. xo


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